Parking/Traffic Flow

Attached is our new traffic flow map for this school year. Please be patient with us as we start this new drop-off system. This year, for safety and convenience, only buses will be allowed to go through the back. All others will need to follow the new traffic route. Please enter from the North entrance and drop off approximately at the noted "stars". Exit at the South exit. If you were not able to find a place to pull over for drop-off, please continue in the counter-clockwise direction as shown on the map through the parking lot.

Students will enter at the Student Gates and not come through the front doors this year. All drop-off zones have a sidewalk for safety. Please do not drop off anywhere else in the parking lot. There is no parking in the drop-off zone! If you must exit your vehicle, you will need to find a parking spot and turn off your ignition for the safety of all of our students.

Click on this map to see our Traffic Flow